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The Bone Man of Benares was originally published by St. Martin’s Press in the U.S., Bantam Books in the U.K., and Allen & Unwin Publishers in Australia. Translations are available in Chinese, Japanese (two volumes) and Italian.

The audiobook version was produced by Avian Audio and was released on February 2, 2019.




“This audiobook narrative by Terry Tarnoff of his book, The Bone Man Of Benares is masterful, and I recommend it to all those who’ve read ‘The Bone Man’ as well as those who have never had the unimaginable experience. Listening to Tarnoff’s many-faceted narrative is equal to watching Apocalypse Now for the first time — shrapnel and live fire hits you from everywhere and out of nowhere at any and all moments. It’s truly a literary and aural cinematic event. And you’ll never listen to another narrative like this one because this world is gone forever. Tarnoff’s adventures occur at a time when hippies, poets, musicians — wanderers with rucksacks — populated special places in the world. His voice, an amazing, powerful instrument with innumerable variations of tone and texture takes you on an existential, philosophical, epochal voyage through Africa and Asia with stops in Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Paris. While exuding the obsessions of a hyper-romantic, poetic young man in his twenties, Tarnoff’s adventures and observations of the intersection of hip international youth with the local populations of India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, and Indonesia become a fun-house of brilliant comedic revelations. He is able to reach high points of hilarious situational absurdity which one could never imagine occurring in today’s googled, globalized online ‘culture’. Tarnoff’s narrative is magical and hypnotic in its rhythms, which spill out in cascades of bright movie-like eruption, as we see the wonders of the East through his eyes. He consistently tantalizes us us with his razor-sharp, off-kiltered wonder at the insanity of the conundrums in which he continually finds himself on his eight-year journey. Tarnoff tackles the demons he finds within, often caught in a drug-infused swirl of hashish smoke and various powders during those hot, humid, monsoon-filled, somehow innocent times. There is an ecstatic and deeply humorous, laugh-out-loud convergence between Tarnoff’s mind and the reality of the bizarre world he travels through, and it all comes out with great immediacy and relevance in the inimitable voice of one who’s been to worlds we can no longer observe. We’re along for the ride, bouncing from chapter to chapter with some of the wackiest, most otherworldly characters in contemporary literature, as told by a character himself who is as confused and amazed as those he writes about, a narrator armed with deep wit, and downright interestingness.”
Michael Danzig, writer